The Tourist in Paris at the 2014 Dublin Web Summit

In November 2014, we were lucky enough to attend as an Alpha startup company the major European Tech Conference, The Dublin Web Summit.

To understand the impact of such a conference on our startup, you should read this article we wrote to explain our goals.

For this special occasion, we made an edition of our print magazine, called The Tourist in Dublin. Take a look at our PDF version below.

For any inquiries regarding the making of the magazine or if you want us to help you make a magazine for your event or if you want to help us finance our next editions, please contact or


The best restaurant in the world in 2017 is in… Paris

The restaurant of famous French chef Guy Savoy, located at the Monnaie de Paris, on the Seine Riverbanks, wins the 2017 prize

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Bar Gallia, drink Paris artisanal beer at the source in Pantin

Forget all you know about craft beer and come taste these unique hops, malts and selected yeasts, from Wednesday to Sunday

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Ima, your Mediterranean vegan coffee shop by the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

A different kind of coffee shop. Ima perfectly matches what it takes to be a trendsetting East Paris coffee shop, adding a Mediterranean touch to it, taking you to Tel Aviv (Israël) with just one bite. It warmly welcomes you…

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M&M’s opens a pop-up store for the first time in Paris for Christmas

Venez déguster les délicieux bonbons au chocolat et à la cacahuète

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Balagan, your trendsetting and delicious Israeli restaurant near les Tuileries in Paris

It is a feast and it is fun!

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