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Paris Beer Week 2017: Our top spots to taste our favorite artisanal beers

The best bars, breweries and events to enjoy this Beer Week

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Saint Patrick’s Day 2017 in Paris: Our Local Tips

Forget your traditional tasteless stout at the pub

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PNY & Paris Texas Restaurant and Deck & Donohue launch a new artisanal pale ale: The Walden

The best beer to drink with your meat

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Lula Lifestyle Shop, your cute organic and gluten-free eclectic store in East Paris

A delicious organic weekend Brunch

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Paname Brewing Company, your sunny terrace and trendy brewery on the Canal de l’Ourcq in East Paris

A must go for a beer and tasty street food

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Euro 2016: The best local bars in Paris to watch football games with your friends

Our selection of bars to watch the games with locals

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Artisanal Beers in Paris: All the bars, breweries and shops on one city map

The perfect map for beer lovers

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Mad Eo, true artisanal & organic French crêpes from Finistère in Le Marais district in Paris

Eat your crêpes there like if you’re in a farm in Brittany

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Bières Cultes, your favorite Paris store to buy local artisanal beers

Four locations to discover the best of the local beers you drink at the bar

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Rosemary, your trendsetting British gastropub (and Sunday Roast) in Paris

Forget all you know about British pubs

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